Poli Arctici                                                NORWEGIAN   ITALIAN

Is a small, specialised tour operator with main seat in Longyearbyen, Svalbard .

The name "Poli Arctici" has it's origin from old maps of Svalbard , drawn by Dutch seafarers at the beginning of the 17th century.

"Poli Arctici" is Latin for "The Arctic Pole".  

Our main interests are excursions and expeditions on Svalbard all year.

We also do logistics and assistance to scientists and TV/film crews out in the field as well as transportations around Svalbard .

Our "secret" interest is history, culture and human activity on Svalbard and in the arctic areas. We are happy to share this knowledge and information with anyone with the same passion to the Arctic .

Poli Arctici, enterprise no: NO 986568638; Longyearbyen, 9171, Svalbard, Norway.
Email:   Tel: +47 79 02 17 05    Fax: +47 79 02 17 34   Cellular: +47 91 38 34 67